It was Tense

It was Tense

The Past, the Present and the Future decided to call Time. Time was ticking with excitement. Rarely had he known the Past to leave the Present alone. The Future was always undecided.

The Present in his experience believed few people appreciated the power of now.
The Present felt overlooked, he wanted to campaign for awareness. He felt he had so much to offer.
His argument lay in the fact that the Past could have a negative impact on the value of his presence.
Living in the Past was making people miserable. They constantly compared their Present circumstances to incidents which happened in their Past.
The Present was a gift that was being wasted by the overwhelming influence of Past’s mistakes.

The Future was carefree; he just waited for people to arrive. He was an undiscovered destination. The Future promised the hope of just about anything, within reason. He sometimes laughed at the unreal expectations people had in him.

The Present asked Time to try stop for a moment and think.

He wondered, how life would be, if people were aware how much precious time they were wasting.

The Past interrupted the Present, he believed he had as much value as the Present did; how else would people learn if not from their Past?
He sneered at the Present and reminded him that he had plenty of people who loved to stay with him.

Time exasperated, asked the Past and the Present could they not try to get along?

The Present explained that he could never be the gift he wanted to be, if people were not even aware he existed.

The future smiled and glowed. ‘I feel like a bit of a god, nobody sees me until they arrive and by the time they reach me, I have already left, you know how I like to stay ahead?
Nobody can touch the Future; they just live in hope and plan to make me a place that is more habitable than both their Past and their present.’

Time thought long and hard about the argument of the Past, Present and Future.
He hoped that someday people would spend less Time looking behind them and instead enjoy the gift of now. He hoped the Future would be a happy place for its people, he believed the majority of people were wishing Time away.
It was a very heated discussion.

It was Tense.

An Peann

Artwork by Julie De Waroquier


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