Press Release From The School Of Mindful Conversation.

Press Release From The School Of Mindful Conversation

Do you have someone in your Life that talks too much?
If so, we may have the ideal gift for you!

The School of Mindful Conversation commissioned research through the Department of Thought.

Students from the Department were tasked to invent a Method to improve the quality of conversation.

Research carried out by the Department of Thought uncovered statistics which conveyed a troubling message.
Figures showed that a large percentage of the population did not partake in equality within conversation.

The study showed that people generally feigned listening due to an inherent need to have themselves heard.

The School of Mindful Conversation funded the development of a new exciting product which promised to enhance conversation.

The Product:

The ‘Conversational Skipping Rope’

It is lightweight, as it is actually invisible.

It can be acquired through the practice of awareness; you just have to be aware that the Skipping Rope is needed and one will appear.

The Skipping rope has a Unique Selling Point – it is free.
It is a method which has been tried and tested. It has been shown to improve conversation by at least 50%.

Instructions for Use

1. When a conversation is in place and you cannot get a word in edge ways, halt conversing at your earliest convenience. Inform the person or people you are talking with that you have brought a gift.

2. Ask them if they remember the children’s activity called Skipping? Remind them that every child took a turn to jump while others turned the rope.

3. Now introduce the Conversational Skipping Rope. Explain that like the childhood game, everyone takes a turn. One person can speak while the conversation is turning; after that person takes his turn to speak, another person enters the rope and converses.

4. There may be some initial resistance from fast talkers; however, by the very introduction of this new concept, their thinking will instantly improve. They will become aware that you want to speak too.

This product is not widely available, please share and get the word out, so you can get a word in too.

An Peann


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