The Convention of Moral Oppositions

The Convention of Moral Oppositions

Those in Attendance: Faith, Envy, Hope, Gluttony, Charity, Lust, Justice, Anger, Prudence, Greed, Temperance and Sloth.

The Annual Meeting of Oppositions convened to examine the current worth of morals.

Faith believed that she was entitled to express her beliefs.
But Envy objected.

He insisted he could do things better than Faith, as nothing she believed in was based upon fact.

Envy expressed disdain for Faith and grew green. Faith glowed and nodded as she looked towards Hope.

Hope spoke of never giving up; she worked hard to instill in her people some Faith in Humanity.

Anger rose in the defense of Envy.
Anger stated that Hope was for fools and Charity should stay at home.

Charity was shocked at Anger’s outburst, feeling misunderstood.
She stood for caring for others, in giving she always felt she got something back.

Greed felt there was a price to be paid for everything, but Prudence believed that although care was needed with valuable things, Greed was excessive in today’s moral climate.

Gluttony was on the rise and people had a misplaced sense of Fortitude.

Fortitude wanted to be useful, to give people strength but not allow himself to be used for complacency sake; he believed his strength was being diluted by Greed, Sloth and Lust – a lethal combination in his eyes.

Temperance needed to step things up by reminding people that they really did not need so much.

The meeting concluded when Justice walked into the room.
He asked Pride to sit down, Anger to subside in his arguments, and Sloth to sit up straight and pay attention.

Justice conveyed that there is a time and place for everyone. There was nothing wrong with having Faith and Hope.
He asked Envy to take a vacation and asked Charity to keep on giving.

There will always be confrontations on both sides.

In reality, it is not about who is right and who is wrong.
Their convention was about peace and a genuine respect for people.

The conference ended with a mix of applause and heckling.
‘You cannot make everyone happy’ Justice said.

An Peann


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