The Encouragement Bureau

The Encouragement Bureau

Urgently Requires Volunteers To Motivate Those In Need Of Encouragement.

The Encouragement Bureau was founded due to a shortage of spirit amongst those in need of encouragement.

Everyone needs a kind word from time to time. At some point in a person’s life they may have experienced the loss of a loved one, loss of employment, loss of a home or even full loss of hope. These people are in desperate need of encouragement. The Encouragement Bureau’s findings have stated that those in need do not usually display signs of disheartenment until full blown dissolution of spirit appears.

A group of mindful people who have themselves experienced a lack of heart, have joined together to help fight the battle against discouragement.

If you care about people and want to be involved in a worthwhile cause please read on..

What does it take to be a volunteer?

  1. Ask someone how they are and actually mean it. Wait for them to answer. Do not use this important question unless you mean it. This encourages a person to believe you care.
  2. Identify a person’s strengths. There is at least one nice thing you can say to someone. Tell them. Compliments given with sincerity are known to change a person’s day.
  3. Smile at people. Smiling like laughter is highly infectious and is extremely good for the ageing process. Smiling does not cause wrinkles – this is propaganda from beauty companies.
  4. Make eye contact. Looking at a person instils a feeling of recognition and helps put people at ease, be careful not to stare, this can cause unease.
  5. Give a person hope, this is not always easy. Hope can come in many different guises. Remind a person that there is only twenty four hours in a day; gently remind them that they can never have the same bad day again.
  6. Make contact, if appropriate. Some people go days without human touch. A hand shake or hand held can remind those in need of encouragement that they are not alone.
  7. Be mindful, everyone is fighting their own personal battle. Never discourage another with your own experience or insecurities. This is not helpful.

If you think you have what it takes to be a Volunteer for the Encouragement Bureau, start today. In giving away encouragement to another you can only grow in spirit yourself.

An Peann

Photography by Patty Maher


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