The Makings Of A Beautiful Life

The Makings Of A Beautiful Life

A generous helping of Love
Heaps of Respect
Self raising Growth
A delicate dusting of Desire
Unmeasured Understanding
Unsalted Sacrifice
Many ounces of Compromise
A sprinkling of Selective Deafness
Plenty of Time

Serves 1, 2 or more

1. Preheat love with plenty of Time.
2. For a beautiful mixture in Life add heaps of Respect.
3. Blend Respect with self raising Growth for the person to rise.
4. Add a dusting of Desire to heat love and ignite.
5. When difficult situations arise stir in some unsalted Sacrifice –
this is vital for the mixture to improve.
6. To create a beautiful life combine forces and
be willing to pour in many ounces of Compromise.
7. Sieve in a sprinkling of Selective Deafness,
this will help you endure the incomprehensible.
Always disguise with a smile and a nodding glance.
8. Plenty of Time is needed to create a Beautiful Life.

You may have all ingredients or maybe only some.
Be Brave in your attempts and be sure to have some Fun!
Bon Appetit.

An Peann


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