We Are All Relevant

We Are All Relevant

The homeless families on our streets, cold and tired, disillusioned, feeling beat. You are all relevant.

The little lost girl in tears, without her parents and full of fears, this war, your people’s plight. You are all relevant.

The parents working all hours just to make ends meet, the mortgage paid but there is little to eat. You are all relevant.

The woman in the shop dressed in a Monsoon frock, counting pennies as she shops. You are relevant.

The girl who seems to have everything money can buy, but goes home where she sits alone and cries. You are relevant.

The addict who brushes his girlfriend’s greasy hair, caresses her face with loving care, as she sits on a bench in the cold morning air. You are relevant.

The Father who cannot see why he should go on, lost his job, now the house may be gone. You are relevant.

The wife who is looking at her husband’s packed cases in the hall, her world collapsing before Santa calls. You are relevant.

The unemployed, struggling to get along, people singing the judgement song. You are all relevant.

All our lives, where they stand and where they meet, through triumph and defeat, are all relevant.

An Peann

Photography by Jerry Uelsmann


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