Concrete Feather Bedding

Concrete Feather Bedding

Framed in the window light underneath Dublin City lights.
He lay down upon his concrete feather bedding.
With no jacket for the night or no blanket in sight he sought rest upon the darkened pavement floor.

This atrocity of night is the Cairdeas Angels plight, they hovered in the hope he would soon awake. They tried to make him stir, but his mind and sleep undisturbed were only destined to a darkened coffin morning.

Where Homeless Ghosts meet the Angels placed at their feet a duvet to give warmth to this young man’s life. The bitter concrete slabs were now relieved and glad, without a doubt these actions saved this young man’s life.

We are lucky in our homes, in the warmth on our mobile phones; we are not looking for some concrete feather bedding.

Who are responsible you say, for those who live this way?

Homeless ghosts do not bicker; they know the cruelty of night’s bitter, they want to save the living ‘dying’ on our streets. If we really want to help, check your hot press room and shelves.

Give a duvet, save a life. Help the Cairdeas Angels plight. Or the ranks of the Homeless Ghosts set to increase.

An Peann

Photograph taken last night by Cairdeas Homeless Action.


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