A World Without Labels

What would it be like to live in a label free world?

Where no one was rich – and the poor no longer exist.
What if there was no such thing as gender, just individuals full of splendour.

No such thing as unemployment,  just people fulfilling roles with enjoyment.

What if our children were your children? And a parent was a person who cared about someone, not because biology designed but simply out of a love that was inclined.

Imagine a world without addiction, where there was no such thing as diction.

– Just people sharing with conviction.

– Homes for the homeless.

Where the word ‘depression’ wouldn’t cause shame or repression.

A label free world without ammunition, non violence and a new type of recession.

A weapon of mass potential which could rid the world of consumerism and capitalistic obsession.
How about a world without war mentality? No food stamps or political criminality.

A world without banality.

No death penalty or murder, no rape and no one hurting.

Imagine a world with no labels, no borders, no need for torture.

A world without wars, no need for soldiers, no machine guns, bombs or revolvers,

just people standing shoulder to shoulder.
What would it be like, to live in a world without labels?

An Peann


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