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The Penitentiary of Conscience

When the day of reckoning

calls you,
on your last steps to your tomb;

-Are there questions left unanswered
in your conscience Big Dark Room?

Were you filled with fear and angst
wishing all bad things undone?
Was the darkness of your conscience
worth the treasures you had won?

Did you take another’s happiness
just to brighten up your life?
Did you take delight in others sadness
to make your sad life bright?

Did you take a life?
Did you rape a life?
Did you make a life?
Did you forsake a life?

Did you help a person drenched in need?
Or ridicule their souls succeed?

Did you walk the paths of wealth and glory and live to tell a wondrous story?

Whatever path you chose to take, I hope for you your soul you did not forsake!

For now the bell of life
that rings is the sound of the

Penitentiary of Conscience

that sings!

An Peann


See your Own Road

A moment may arrive when you finally decide to

make your own path.

Do not shake in hesitation or self doubt.
This realisation, possibly frightening; could become one of the most liberating experiences you will ever know.

Many paths’ we share intertwine; however, each one of us must find our own way.

The road most travelled is smooth at the surface; the one less journeyed can have obstacles in its way.

These obstructions are not set in our way to stop us in our tracks; rather, they are the climbing challenges to our very own success.

For many reasons we may want to follow the masses; security, money, pressure, conformity- the list is endless.

The road less travelled can be paved with the architecture of your own dreams.

If your moment arrives, if you know it is time to walk alone – embrace the challenge, shake off the limited expectations others put upon you.

This is your path, your road, your life, your direction.
It is hard to get lost when you know your own way.

Life is a journey of the mind, turn off the ‘we know best for you’ satellite navigation; tear up the itinerary of the crowd.

See your own road.

For the very first time.

An Peann

Photography by Erik Johansson

Mind The Gap

The platform to destinations new is now calling, all passengers wishing to travel simply need leave old baggage behind, where this train is going all things are new. Step aboard now, mind the gap.

An Peann


Put me in a Poem

Put me in a poem he asked, with his big blue eyes shining. This is for you my blonde little man.

From the moment I knew you were growing inside me – I was filled with love and energy. Each day you fluttered and kicked, I spoke and sang to you.

The morning you were born my world changed. Our first night together you looked after me, snuggling into my body you became the part of me that was always missing.

You were such a good baby, until bedtime. Then I would sit by your crib and through the bars I would hold your little hand in mine until I had no more songs left to sing, I loved every minute of it, even through the tears of tiredness.

You grew so fast, so strong and so loving. My constant shadow you always threw light into my world.
You never asked for things we did not need, happy always just to spend time in my presence.

You my little angel are my best creation, my sense of purpose and my never fading joy.
You are funny, clever, kind and big hearted.

I do not own you, I am just your guide.

In this world you will make your own mistakes, never mine. You will have your own big adventures, where I will watch from the side lines, always cheering you on.
I will not always get everything right, when I am wrong I will always say ‘I am sorry.’

We sometimes fight over how much we love each other. Our love will continue to grow, so someday you can love your own as much as I love you.

Gabriel you are my treasure.
My handsome beautiful minded Son.

An Peann


Go in Peace and Learn to Love One as All.

This morning a servant of the cloth cast judgement upon me, already I forgive him.

In life we do not always fit into into tidy packages, that does not make us a lesser human being.
I chose not to present him with my achievements as I do not require his validation.

The Mother of God I am not, the Mother of a beautiful child I am.
Forgiveness is not what I seek, but my forgiveness I grant to him.

He blessed us as we left the room. In my mind I sought blessing for him. I forgive you for your assumptions and judgement. For the good learn from those who treat them unkindly.

Go in peace now and learn to love one as all.


An Peann


Dr Tony Bates

‘We paint the story of our lives on a large canvas, but we only live our lives one moment at a time.’

Dr Tony Bates


Dear You

Dear You,

If the rain falls again, know you can find shelter in the arms of love.
Love is not a body you can see, it is the air that falls around you.
Do not let fear take your hand too long, for he holds so tight,
that we can for a time, lose grip of who we are.

In the darkest shadows, there is always light , fighting to get through the cracks of life.

Hold on, even to the edge of insanity, we will miss you when you are gone.

Hold on, soon the darkness will be gone.

Hold on, love will show you where the light has gone.

An Peann

Dedicated to all those struggling to see the light, and those who sadly missed the dawn.

Photography by Stan Schaap