Thought Booked a Table for Love, Success and Happiness

Thought Booked a Table for Love, Success and Happiness

Thought, Love, Success and Happiness sat around the table and smiled at each other. Rarely were all four present at once.

Thought sat quietly for a while; as usual he gathered all his conclusions before making his introduction. ‘I believe I am the most powerful of us all, I have the ability to show you how to identify love. I have the key to success in my possession and I can create or diminish happiness in an instant. I will not lie, I am difficult to control, however, with enough rest, in the right mind, I can make everything positively beautiful.’

Love and Thought knowingly looked into each others eyes. As Love warmed, she sat a little uncomfortably and said ‘I am everywhere. Some find me, with many I am misunderstood, some try force me on others, which for me, just does not work. When that happens I am already looking for the exit. If I was truly understood, it would be realised that I begin within them. From within I have the ability to shine and grow; I attract the attention of everyone I encounter. I am like a virus of the heart, one that instead of killing you, can bring eternity within my presence. I will always be here, never giving up on anyone.’

Success screamed with laughter, ‘you two are hilarious. I did not get where I am today from self love or trying to think my way to the top. I am a man of action nothing stands in my way. I have no time for failure. Ruthless I am not, determined- that is me. Contrary to belief, I did not get where I am without help or time. Many I reside with were warriors, each fallen attempt to reach me; they did not define as failure. This is the secret to having me in their presence. Some relate me to monetary value; you cannot put a price on me. I am the sought destination for those who travel the path of determination. There are those who envy me, I do not feel their spite. True Success is bringing me to others, sharing my worth.’

Happiness was bouncing up and down with excitement. ‘The time is almost upon us. Each time a new one arrives, I wonder how we will fill their lives. Love and I will be strongest at first. Thought will develop each day and hopefully bring sunlight rather than darkness to her mind. I feel we are all important. Thoughts can be changed with the presence of Happiness and Love. Success should not be measured but instead encouraged, may she be successful in Love, Thought and Happiness. For her very arrival is a success, she was conceived after ten long years.’ Broad smiles covered the faces of Thought, Love, Success and Happiness.

The Guardian of Life arrived to the table with the child.

It is time to begin everyone.

They all stood up from the table. Wishing each other luck they vowed to meet again.

An Peann


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