Making Memories…

Warm flames crackle within the fire as his little voice reads to me facts from Horrid Henry’s Bodies. ‘Butterflies taste with their feet and spiders have 48 knees.’

I remember when I read to him, now he reads to me, so clear and animated. When did he get so grown up? ‘Kangaroos can jump over three metres high and they can jump over an elephant!’ He laughs, waiting for my reaction. ‘Your brain stops growing when you are 15 years old.’

These are the memories, we try not forget. He tries to see if he can lick his own elbow, he is not double jointed.
Take time for the little people because they will never forget how we share ourselves with them.

I have a picture of Dad letting my sister and I put curlers in his hair, mam was laughing so loud, I can still hear her now.

Laughter roars between them in the kitchen, he moved on, book finished. He works on his art of distraction skills, bedtime approaches. These little moments are the treasures of childhood, safely stored in the vault of the heart and mind. Relived and revisited as they make their own memories.

An Peann


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