Put me in a Poem

Put me in a poem he asked, with his big blue eyes shining. This is for you my blonde little man.

From the moment I knew you were growing inside me – I was filled with love and energy. Each day you fluttered and kicked, I spoke and sang to you.

The morning you were born my world changed. Our first night together you looked after me, snuggling into my body you became the part of me that was always missing.

You were such a good baby, until bedtime. Then I would sit by your crib and through the bars I would hold your little hand in mine until I had no more songs left to sing, I loved every minute of it, even through the tears of tiredness.

You grew so fast, so strong and so loving. My constant shadow you always threw light into my world.
You never asked for things we did not need, happy always just to spend time in my presence.

You my little angel are my best creation, my sense of purpose and my never fading joy.
You are funny, clever, kind and big hearted.

I do not own you, I am just your guide.

In this world you will make your own mistakes, never mine. You will have your own big adventures, where I will watch from the side lines, always cheering you on.
I will not always get everything right, when I am wrong I will always say ‘I am sorry.’

We sometimes fight over how much we love each other. Our love will continue to grow, so someday you can love your own as much as I love you.

Gabriel you are my treasure.
My handsome beautiful minded Son.

An Peann


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