See your Own Road

A moment may arrive when you finally decide to

make your own path.

Do not shake in hesitation or self doubt.
This realisation, possibly frightening; could become one of the most liberating experiences you will ever know.

Many paths’ we share intertwine; however, each one of us must find our own way.

The road most travelled is smooth at the surface; the one less journeyed can have obstacles in its way.

These obstructions are not set in our way to stop us in our tracks; rather, they are the climbing challenges to our very own success.

For many reasons we may want to follow the masses; security, money, pressure, conformity- the list is endless.

The road less travelled can be paved with the architecture of your own dreams.

If your moment arrives, if you know it is time to walk alone – embrace the challenge, shake off the limited expectations others put upon you.

This is your path, your road, your life, your direction.
It is hard to get lost when you know your own way.

Life is a journey of the mind, turn off the ‘we know best for you’ satellite navigation; tear up the itinerary of the crowd.

See your own road.

For the very first time.

An Peann

Photography by Erik Johansson


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