The Penitentiary of Conscience

When the day of reckoning

calls you,
on your last steps to your tomb;

-Are there questions left unanswered
in your conscience Big Dark Room?

Were you filled with fear and angst
wishing all bad things undone?
Was the darkness of your conscience
worth the treasures you had won?

Did you take another’s happiness
just to brighten up your life?
Did you take delight in others sadness
to make your sad life bright?

Did you take a life?
Did you rape a life?
Did you make a life?
Did you forsake a life?

Did you help a person drenched in need?
Or ridicule their souls succeed?

Did you walk the paths of wealth and glory and live to tell a wondrous story?

Whatever path you chose to take, I hope for you your soul you did not forsake!

For now the bell of life
that rings is the sound of the

Penitentiary of Conscience

that sings!

An Peann


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