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Toy Throwers

Sometimes, we want to spit out our proverbial dummies, raise an eyebrow and say ‘this mush tastes rank’ but instead we hold the dummy tightly in and suck it up.
Sometimes, we want to pull the ponytail of another or even cut it off, because we can, but instead put our imaginary scissors back in our pocket.
Sometimes , we do not want to share our joys, like children unwilling to share who sometimes believe their toys being our joys, are theirs alone. We believe people should find their own joy.
Sometimes , we just want to throw our toys out of life’s pram, lie down on the ground and kick and scream until we pass out or at least get our message across, but we do not.
So how do we learn to deal with these dummy biting, hair pulling, toy throwing moments?
We learn to share the dummy, and listen, sugar coating works for only a short while , it becomes bitter over time. If you cannot listen, learn to enjoy your own company. Life will guarantee plenty.
Sharing our joys is a lot like sharing toys. It may be hard at first but eventually, you realise sharing joy with others brings fun and laughter. People always remember those who bring a smile to their dark day.
Toy throwing; this is a fruitless exercise, it may feel good at the time, fuelled by anger or a misplaced sense of justification; we soon remember that we are the only ones who can pick up our toys. It can be messy, we break things, hurt people and eventually leave ourselves feeling like the child who never grew up.
At some stage, we realise;

Life can be unfair yet just.

People can do stupid things yet in a kind way.

Hurting another only injures ourselves.

Two wrongs do not make a right.
Do we ever really grow up?   Should we?

What we can do at any time is have more sense.
So next time we tell a child to grow up, make sure you cross your fingers behind your back.
An Peann


Who or What am I?

Who or What am I?
The thought of me usually brings a smile to people’s faces.

Children have loved me for as long as I can recall.

I am probably everyone’s favourite.

I symbolise the beginning and the end.
Who or what am I?
An Peann

The Game of Life

Players: One, two or more.
One life per player.

The objective of the game is to get through life without losing your marbles. The winning destination is a place called Sweet Serenity.
The guidelines of the game are designed by each player. This is the most difficult thing to comprehend.
Individual players are answerable to only themselves, however, winners are known to be the people who think less of themselves by focusing on others.
To begin, we build our own worlds. We invite people in to bring light to our cities, some illuminate and nurture, others cause destruction.
Each person must discover for themselves how to find their way to the sacred place called Serenity.
There are those who sail through life’s waters unscathed but they never reach the prized destination.

It is only when water comes in, or when we are in danger of sinking that we can truly value our passage.
The Game of Life can be a full house. When we strike it lucky, all is well with the world.

Other times we get dealt a bum deal. We hold our cards to our chest, not wanting to give away our distress, with our best poker face we hope the house will change.
The Game can change at any moment. The important thing to remember is that anybody can play.

We are all equal in our participation.

Those who succeed in this game, understand the treasures they collect along the way.

It is a complicated game with many levels, lives can be made and lost, love can present itself or leave without warning. The secret is to value all that is sweet, holding on when waves of bitterness crash upon your shores. Know that the prize is waiting for everyone.
The horizon of happiness is upon your shore of interpretation. At any moment you can win your prize. It just depends upon how you play your game.

An Peann
Photography by Jerry Uelsmann


Things To Remember Today

Things To Remember Today 

1. It is only the beginning of the week not the end of the world.
2. The house is clean enough. There is no such thing as the domestic police force. Everybody has an avalanche press.
3. Have a cup of tea today and dip your biscuit in, it tastes better when you do, don’t break it though.
4. There is always something for dinner, if not – ask the kids to cook, there is nothing wrong with Nutella and toast followed by a feed of jellies.
5. Things are never as bad as you think, trust me. The house down the road has far more to contend with.
6. Be silly, you can be serious and grown up tomorrow.
7. Go for a walk if you can, you will appreciate the warmth of your home when you get back in.
8. Stop worrying about having enough time, do today what needs to be done. Rome was not built in a day.
9. Be nice to yourself, you are not a bad person. Give yourself a pat on the back for getting safely out of bed.
10. If today is not your day, there is always tomorrow. It does not have to be a dreary Monday, instead make it a silly Funday.
An Peann


The Day Before You Were Born

You were warm, protected and grown enough to leave the waters of safety.

The world awaited your cry.

You would hear the sound of your own voice for the first time.

Finally you would feel her skin against yours.

She had two names waiting for you, one in pink and one in blue.

She did not mind which one you would take, caring only for you to arrive safe.
You felt love, before you ever knew what love was.

Every time she rubbed her swollen belly, she willed you to grow, nurturing your body by giving you the goodness of her own.
Soon she would feel pain so you could breathe in the world around you. Many hours she would suffer, yet not one minute would she mind.
When you arrive from your world of water to this passage of time, she will love you unconditionally for the rest of her life.

Each year you grow, each candle on the cake, she will glow with pride, remembering the day you arrived safe.
Our beginning is most precious gift we will ever receive.

Many of us are born into the arms of a Mother who loves us, who forgets the pain we caused her on arrival, instead she cherishes the day she held you for the first time.
The day before you were born, love was waiting to hold you, to name you, to nurture you and claim you.

Your world waited for you unmade, endless possibilities in a world of awaiting daze.
An Peann
Dedicated to Marie.

The lady who gave me life and taught me how to love.


Precious Shining Stones

The world is filled with precious minerals and stones. Landscapes of beauty and lives etched in tones.

Shining like a diamond he found his way to my heart, that wet November day – did my love for him start.
In this world, there are people meant to shine, without exception this man is one of this kind.

He sees good in everyone, which is a rarity today. He honestly would help anyone, without ever needing praise.
I love his heart, even more his mind, I love the fact his love is mine.

So very blessed we are today to love and know this man this way.
The world is filled with precious minerals and stones. Landscapes of beauty and lives etched in tones.
You have changed the landscape of our lives. With you I see our future shine bright.

An Peann
Dedicated to The Bookman

Happy Birthday darling. Xxx


Butterfly Balloons

A Purple Butterfly of beauty flew through the sky as colourful balloons reached up to blue heights.
Her beautiful Mother, she counted to five; as children and loved ones sent balloons of colour up to Nevaeh in the sky.

From the branches, the swing it sways, where children share Nevaeh’s special place.It is a place of great beauty, where candles are lit, little sweet messages all duly fit.

There were many words used to describe this angel child that now does cartwheels through the sky.
Radiant, beautiful, happy and smart, the list went on it would break your heart.
A shining warm presence danced today on the green, the rain disappeared and the sun shone angel beams.
A year has passed since Nevaeh flew away but the overwhelming love for her will never be replaced.
Her spirit and laughter will dance through the green. The echoes of her memory will rustle branches, leaves and trees.
Now Beautiful Butterfly, as you dance through the light, may the balloons of many colours shine with love in your angel skies.
An Peann
In Memory of


Born on Christmas Day, she flew away weeks before her 10th Birthday.