Butterfly Balloons

A Purple Butterfly of beauty flew through the sky as colourful balloons reached up to blue heights.
Her beautiful Mother, she counted to five; as children and loved ones sent balloons of colour up to Nevaeh in the sky.

From the branches, the swing it sways, where children share Nevaeh’s special place.It is a place of great beauty, where candles are lit, little sweet messages all duly fit.

There were many words used to describe this angel child that now does cartwheels through the sky.
Radiant, beautiful, happy and smart, the list went on it would break your heart.
A shining warm presence danced today on the green, the rain disappeared and the sun shone angel beams.
A year has passed since Nevaeh flew away but the overwhelming love for her will never be replaced.
Her spirit and laughter will dance through the green. The echoes of her memory will rustle branches, leaves and trees.
Now Beautiful Butterfly, as you dance through the light, may the balloons of many colours shine with love in your angel skies.
An Peann
In Memory of


Born on Christmas Day, she flew away weeks before her 10th Birthday.


One thought on “Butterfly Balloons

  1. Sharon obrien

    Absolutely beautiful piece. It’s so heartfelt. Looking at the balloons going up and reading the poem I could just see it all happening. It was a fitting tribute to the child. Well done.

    Liked by 1 person


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