The Room is Just Empty…

‘If you have never been lonely you don’t realise what it is like.’

The room is just empty she said.
Margaret once shared everything with her husband, now alone she describes the deafening silence, hours pass without her hearing another’s voice. ‘Everything we done together, the garden, the shopping, everything we done together.’ Her sparkling eyes hauntingly conveyed her solitude.
Loneliness for Roy is like being dumped in the deep end , trying desperately to rescue himself, always he comes home to an empty house.

Youth and loved ones have left Margaret and Roy.
If we are lucky enough to live into the later chapters of life, we should not have to endure the silence of forced solitude.
Two beautiful souls describe a quiet no one should be forced to hear.
One of the most precious gifts we can give another is our time.
Sharing our time with the elders around us, does not just dissipate their loneliness, it can enrich us as people.
Can we, for just a time, be the voice of company in an empty room?
Yes we can.
Reach out to the elderly in your community, fill the void of silence.

Be the life guard on the shore of loneliness.

For one day, if you are lucky, you too will age.
An Peann


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