The Day Before You Were Born

You were warm, protected and grown enough to leave the waters of safety.

The world awaited your cry.

You would hear the sound of your own voice for the first time.

Finally you would feel her skin against yours.

She had two names waiting for you, one in pink and one in blue.

She did not mind which one you would take, caring only for you to arrive safe.
You felt love, before you ever knew what love was.

Every time she rubbed her swollen belly, she willed you to grow, nurturing your body by giving you the goodness of her own.
Soon she would feel pain so you could breathe in the world around you. Many hours she would suffer, yet not one minute would she mind.
When you arrive from your world of water to this passage of time, she will love you unconditionally for the rest of her life.

Each year you grow, each candle on the cake, she will glow with pride, remembering the day you arrived safe.
Our beginning is most precious gift we will ever receive.

Many of us are born into the arms of a Mother who loves us, who forgets the pain we caused her on arrival, instead she cherishes the day she held you for the first time.
The day before you were born, love was waiting to hold you, to name you, to nurture you and claim you.

Your world waited for you unmade, endless possibilities in a world of awaiting daze.
An Peann
Dedicated to Marie.

The lady who gave me life and taught me how to love.


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