The Game of Life

Players: One, two or more.
One life per player.

The objective of the game is to get through life without losing your marbles. The winning destination is a place called Sweet Serenity.
The guidelines of the game are designed by each player. This is the most difficult thing to comprehend.
Individual players are answerable to only themselves, however, winners are known to be the people who think less of themselves by focusing on others.
To begin, we build our own worlds. We invite people in to bring light to our cities, some illuminate and nurture, others cause destruction.
Each person must discover for themselves how to find their way to the sacred place called Serenity.
There are those who sail through life’s waters unscathed but they never reach the prized destination.

It is only when water comes in, or when we are in danger of sinking that we can truly value our passage.
The Game of Life can be a full house. When we strike it lucky, all is well with the world.

Other times we get dealt a bum deal. We hold our cards to our chest, not wanting to give away our distress, with our best poker face we hope the house will change.
The Game can change at any moment. The important thing to remember is that anybody can play.

We are all equal in our participation.

Those who succeed in this game, understand the treasures they collect along the way.

It is a complicated game with many levels, lives can be made and lost, love can present itself or leave without warning. The secret is to value all that is sweet, holding on when waves of bitterness crash upon your shores. Know that the prize is waiting for everyone.
The horizon of happiness is upon your shore of interpretation. At any moment you can win your prize. It just depends upon how you play your game.

An Peann
Photography by Jerry Uelsmann


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