Toy Throwers

Sometimes, we want to spit out our proverbial dummies, raise an eyebrow and say ‘this mush tastes rank’ but instead we hold the dummy tightly in and suck it up.
Sometimes, we want to pull the ponytail of another or even cut it off, because we can, but instead put our imaginary scissors back in our pocket.
Sometimes , we do not want to share our joys, like children unwilling to share who sometimes believe their toys being our joys, are theirs alone. We believe people should find their own joy.
Sometimes , we just want to throw our toys out of life’s pram, lie down on the ground and kick and scream until we pass out or at least get our message across, but we do not.
So how do we learn to deal with these dummy biting, hair pulling, toy throwing moments?
We learn to share the dummy, and listen, sugar coating works for only a short while , it becomes bitter over time. If you cannot listen, learn to enjoy your own company. Life will guarantee plenty.
Sharing our joys is a lot like sharing toys. It may be hard at first but eventually, you realise sharing joy with others brings fun and laughter. People always remember those who bring a smile to their dark day.
Toy throwing; this is a fruitless exercise, it may feel good at the time, fuelled by anger or a misplaced sense of justification; we soon remember that we are the only ones who can pick up our toys. It can be messy, we break things, hurt people and eventually leave ourselves feeling like the child who never grew up.
At some stage, we realise;

Life can be unfair yet just.

People can do stupid things yet in a kind way.

Hurting another only injures ourselves.

Two wrongs do not make a right.
Do we ever really grow up?   Should we?

What we can do at any time is have more sense.
So next time we tell a child to grow up, make sure you cross your fingers behind your back.
An Peann


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