Dear Santa

I still believe in you. It has been a few years since I have wrote to you. I am grown up now, well I pretend to be. I now live in the White House, not the one in America the one in Lucan.

I remember hearing your sleigh on the roof when I was ten, I know it was you.

You deliver to my son now, he is a lot like me at that age. He asked me why grown-ups do not write to you? He had a point. So here goes…

Santa, I would like to ask you for a few things this year.
I would like a few bags of coal, not because I was bad but coal costs a fortune these days.
I was also wondering would you put a roof over Ireland for Christmas Eve? There are lots of people without homes now.

Would you also give people some peace of mind, it is very hard for people to stay positive when inflation seems to be deflating their spirits.

I would really like it if you could ask all the shops to put on a half price sale in December. Everything costs twice the price it did last year. I know how you love your food, nobody should be hungry today.

Santa I know how busy you are this time of year, if you are looking for any extra staff maybe you could employ some seasonal workers, there are lots of people only too willing to work coming up to Christmas.

If it is not too much bother will you please deliver some happiness and hope to people.

Everyone is trying really hard to be nice but there are some naughty people in charge these days, who have not been able to deliver what they promised. I have a feeling they are all on the naughty list.

I could go on Santa but I do not want to be too mean.

Santa, I know you will deliver to all the children this year but while you are making your way around will you try leave some festive cheer for people and a sprinkling of luck for the new year?

A Mammy who still believes.

An Peann


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