We, should speak out, not down to one another.

We, should shine but be sure to share the light.

We, should laugh loudly, but remember mocking is catching.

We, should help someone struggling, one day we might need a helping hand ourselves.

We, should not care what others think of us, it is none of our business, and none of theirs either.

We, should do something that scares us, it is empowering.

We, should know we are never too old to try something new, and remember, we are never too young or old to fall in love.

We, should try not expect too much from people, we are only setting them up for a fall.

We, cannot put a price on our own circle, those inside yours will surround you with love and support. Value your circle, especially when you are on edge.

We, should remember plans change, go with it. The ones that fail miserably are usually redirecting us to a better plan.

We, should stay warm-hearted, especially when others grow cold. They are not our storms. We should not have to suffer such downpours.

Tonight, look at what you have, who you have. Remind them that they have you too.
It is not about who has the biggest Christmas tree. It is about who sits around your tree with you tonight.

An Peann


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