Mother Christmas

Everyday, even through many years apart, she would answer the phone and say ‘hello love, how are you today?’

Long before Facebook reminders she would be prepared for every birthday; weeks in advance . She made sure none of us forgot a special day. You cannot beat an Irish Mammy notification.

She could make anything better, no matter how big the problem, she would have a solution for everything.

Whatever the occasion, be it St Patrick’s Day, Easter, Whit Weekend, Christmas; every holiday deserved a new outfit. Each year we would be dressed anew, as she proclaimed ‘sure that’s what you do.’

Each Christmas, she would have all the presents in since the end of September, wrapped and ready in their splendour. Christmas food stock piled from October, ‘sure you never know who might come over’.

A strong memory fills this time of year, the smell of Christmas pudding mix, women from the neighbourhood, mixing their ingredients together, with her overseeing their technique. All leaving the house with their pudding bowls, wrapped and tied for the long boil.

Talking to my sister yesterday, reminded me how much our wonderful mother done for us. How she would never go a day without checking in on her girls.

She made every Christmas wonderful.
I can imagine her now with her hands to her head, wondering why we didn’t start getting ready for Christmas from at least October!

She was the angel on our tree, the light in our home and the Christmas Gift that kept on giving, all year long.

She was Mother Christmas.
The season of joy has never been quite the same since she left, but the memories; they will always give us warmth.

An Peann.


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