The First Born Girl

A child was born this day- into the arms of a great woman.
Born on the shortest day of the year, she has always left the greatest impression on everyone she ever met.
The nurses never had seen a child born with such a mane of hair, so impressed, they took her on a tour of the hospital, a child born looking like she stepped out of a salon rather than a womb.

She grew to be a beautiful person. Her Mother’s best friend, the apple of her Father’s eye.
As a sister, we were blessed with the most beautiful, loving and caring sibling that ever walked the Earth. Never have we met a person with a bad word to say about her, simply because there are none.
And so she grew to have her own family. Married to her first love, her soul mate. Their marriage I can only describe as my template for love. How love should be.
Solid and unmovable, even through times of hardship.
Their love never diminished through the decades, instead it grew in strength and solidarity.
They were blessed with four young lives, each one a credit to themselves and their parents.

The first girl, born this day, into the arms of a great woman ; is loved and adored by friends and family.
A beautiful person, with an amazing mind. She like her mother, can mend just about anything, with love and the greatest of ability.
Words cannot truly convey the complex beauty of this woman.

On the shortest day of the year and for the rest of our lives we thank the world she is ‘Our Sister’.

An Peann

Dedicated to our beautiful sister Sharon, on this her special


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