Old Friends

Old friends, are the bloodlines that run through the veins of our past, constant in spirit even when they cannot be present.

They are the sisters and brothers we never had.

When you laugh together, you can be twelve year olds again, sniggering in the back of class.

In good times, old friends stand on life’s sidelines to cheer one another on. When there is darkness, they always turn on the lights.

They are our good name protectors, our supporters in arms, they stand with us, never against us.
They connect our past and present, building bridges of friendship, always careful not to set them alight. They remind us how we can swim, even when we feel a tsunami approach.

Old friends can be honest, their truths never maim or scar, rather they help us laugh at the seriousness or lunacy of our thinking. They are our truth serum, the secret keepers of our hidden selves.
There is nothing wrong with new friends, as one day they too may become an old friend.

But, an old friend, these can be our most treasured assets in life, they bring riches of memory, shared hopes, lost and regained dreams. Always there to take our hand or pat us on the shoulder.

These friendships survive and thrive through acceptance, encouragement, love, loyalty, and support.

A wonderful testament and an old friend fact – an old friend will always meet you, exactly where you are at.

Priceless is that.

An Peann

Dedicated to my childhood friends Olivia & Veronica. Xxx

Share with an old friend.


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