The Lights Are Green

So many roads.

So many diversions.

Some people know exactly where they are going, while others need satellite navigation.

At certain times we can feel stuck in the tarmac, with no idea how to overtake our groans.

It is not about how fast we get somewhere or what path we take.


It is about who we journey with.
Some stay with us all the way, some leave us and follow their own path, that is their journey. May they encounter few bumps on their road.

Life is a road trip, with different meeting and drop off points, some possible collisions and hopefully not too many fatalities.

We are all learning to drive, always.

Enjoy life’s scenery, don’t be afraid of icy roads or slow traffic.
Drive or walk at your own pace or speed.

You can go just about anywhere.

Take the wheel of life, drive.

Or walk a path, making your own tracks.

Take care of passengers, and the pedestrians around you.

Buckle up, enjoy life’s joy.
The lights are green to go.
An Peann


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