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Awaken The Miracle In You

Realising you have exactly what you need, when the world says you need more, is a miracle.

Holding for the first time, a life, who has waited patiently to be born, is a miracle.

Standing in the majesty of nature, breathing in the beauty of a landscape which is green, unspoilt and ancient, while just being, is a miracle.

Never giving up, when the world weighs you down, yet, knowing precisely when to give up, what will eventually tear your world apart, is a miracle.

Working towards your dreams, even when others tell you to wake up, is brave. Self will, determination, belief and faith make dreams materialise, this understanding is a miracle.

Finding happiness without expecting that happiness to come from someone else is a miracle.

Friends and family that once loved us but left our life’s stage, their role, their presence whether good or bad was a miracle.

How can we say there are no such things as miracles?

In each of our stories, there lives a miracle, may you awaken the miracle in you.

An Peann



Sound left her, the lack of noise was deafening.

She could not hear her son greet her good morning or the floor boards, which usually annoyed her, creek beneath her feet.
Colours now made sound. The milky brightness outside was blinding upon the snow covered ground. Today she would not hear the crunch of snow beneath her feet or the robin red breast beat his beak upon the glass seat.
Touch now filled her fingertips with electronic heat, vibrations being the only sound allowed to speak.
Just for today she could imagine how bleak, it would be to never hear again a loved one speak.
To never hear laughter roar or music playing upon a dance floor, how quiet and lonely would that be?

The very thought frightening as can be.
When mute eventually returns to sound, she will gladly bottle up each sound.

For listening is so understated, often overlooked and rarely appreciated.
No longer would she complain of snoring, loud games or a crackling radio in the morning. She will cherish every sound she hears, for a world without voices would reduce her to fear.

For now she will just listen with her eyes.Hear with touch, which can be love in disguise.
She waits on Sense Street for sound to return, when it does a new flame of understanding will burn.
In future she will hear each bird sing, absorb every word as though it was the first time ever it did speak. She will hear every whisper, every sound beneath and beyond her feet.
The sound of silence is not always sweet.

An Peann