Awaken The Miracle In You

Realising you have exactly what you need, when the world says you need more, is a miracle.

Holding for the first time, a life, who has waited patiently to be born, is a miracle.

Standing in the majesty of nature, breathing in the beauty of a landscape which is green, unspoilt and ancient, while just being, is a miracle.

Never giving up, when the world weighs you down, yet, knowing precisely when to give up, what will eventually tear your world apart, is a miracle.

Working towards your dreams, even when others tell you to wake up, is brave. Self will, determination, belief and faith make dreams materialise, this understanding is a miracle.

Finding happiness without expecting that happiness to come from someone else is a miracle.

Friends and family that once loved us but left our life’s stage, their role, their presence whether good or bad was a miracle.

How can we say there are no such things as miracles?

In each of our stories, there lives a miracle, may you awaken the miracle in you.

An Peann


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