Surrounded by Gorse

We grew up with the mountains behind our backs. Yellow specks of colour shone out from a blanket of green. The stone quarry in those mountains saluted down upon our town. These were the colours of our childhood scene.

We would explore those hills as children, taking off for hours at a time. Memories made amongst nature, great friends, our childhoods dreamy nature, serene.

Gorse bushes scattered colour across those mountains.
My father was drawn to them by their colour and strength. Determined one day, he took a snippet to make an Irish style garden fence.

He said the gorse would keep danger away from our home, as he smiled up at me planting those snippets that day in the ground.

Wild and strong they grew, yellow flowers on an Irish looking Cactus tree. My father was proud by how quickly they grew, without realising the hidden properties held by gorse, yet be sure the soil and the gorse both knew.

Gorse is a ancient flower remedy which they say invokes hope. In Celtic mythology it is symbolic of fertility and love too.

With dreams for his children, he protectively planted hope. As the gorse grew, love was abundant, hope flourished anew, fertility gave many presents of new life too.

We grew up surrounded by Gorse.

An Peann


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