To Like or Not to Like…

There are those who say they do not care what people think of them. If they speak with honesty, how free are they?

In truth, most of us want to be liked, even loved, if that is not too much to ask?

The thing is not everyone is going to like us. The more we seek approval, the less likely we are to see that the people who already like us, do so, because they love us just as we are.

We need not seek the popularity of those who dislike us. Clearly they are not willing to get to to know us, for the likeable people we already are.
Chances are we would not like them anyway. Like attracts like.

In the likelihood that someone dislikes us, for reasons best known to themselves, we are best off being blissfully unaware. Leaving them in the comfort of their own distaste.

We are far better advised to learn how to like ourselves.

In a world where we measure our likability with thumbs up, smiley faces and angry little read heads, that may be a difficult thing to do.

We should in these instances, pause and remember, we do not need to like everything everyone thinks of us.
We just need to love those who seem to like us the most.

An Peann


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