Monthly Archives: August 2016

Dawn Promised

Dawn lives with her head in the clouds.
Where she happily lives proud.
She fills her days with the hope of endless possibilities.
Gratefully she gifts herself to each day.
When time began she promised to always introduce the hours we call today.
Dawn’s light peels the darkness away.
She is the cockerel of time, the bearer of our days.

Yet again, as promised, Dawn brings with her this new day.

May it be yours to begin, yours to play.

An Peann

Photography by Stuart Hyland


28 Days Later

Four weeks ago it left.

Packed its bags.

Never left a note.

No hint to why it had to go.

She searched everywhere.

Asked everyone.

No one cared.

Like the living dead

She dragged her uninspired

body and mind through the weeks.

The bed offered no comfort.

Instead it taunted her, swallowing hours like they were minutes.

Her friend advised her to buy a bike that does not move, if she pedalled fast enough, she might catch up with it.

She considered designing missing posters, offer a reward for its speedy return.

But she was too tired to take the lid from the pen.

Then one morning it came back.

Sat at the end of her bed and said ‘if you keep taking me for granted I will leave you for good’.

She grabbed him forcibly by the field and promised never to take for granted her Energy again.

An Peann