Hypnos the God of Sleep

The Goddess of Night ‘Nyx’ fell for ‘Erebus’ the God of Darkness.Let’s just say they were drawn to each other. 

They had twin boys ‘Hypnos’ the God of Sleep

And ‘Thanatos’, he was the personification of death itself. They were more yin and yang than identical twins. 

Hypnos married the Deity of hallucinations. 

He could see no wrong in her.  

They had three sons – 

‘Morpheus’ who gave shape to dreams.

‘Phobetor’ he was their nightmare child, he could make dreams become living nightmares 

And ‘Phantasos’ he was their imaginative child. 

The three boys were the Gods of Dream.

There were whispers Hypnos the God of Sleep was a bit of a player, he may have fathered other little Gods but we won’t go into that now.

Hypnos lived in a cave on the River of Forgetfulness, if you are looking for directions it is said to be located where night and day meet.

Outside his cave are poppies, not sleeping tablets. 

No light or sound ever gets inside the cave, which must mean he gets a great rest. The cave is on the island of Lemnos which in fact is his very own Dream Island. 

When the lights turn out tonight I’m going to call on Hypnos sons Morpheus and Phantaso’s and tell them I’d love to meet their Dad. 
I will ask Morpheus to turn me into a Goddess for one night and Phantaso’s to convince his Mother to find herself a better God like Zeus. 

Hypnos sounds like my kind of God, we could sleep for eternity. 

His troublesome son Phobetor the God of Fear will have to entertain himself elsewhere, he lives with me most days. 
You gotta love the Greeks..
An Peann 



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