Laura the Lioness

Laura you are so beautiful
With the heart of a Lioness
Trust me when I say this, with you, life will never mess.

Watching you every birthday with those beautiful big blue eyes, there is no doubt your Dad will forever have to beat away the boys.

You have always been so talented
You are an artistically minded girl.
As a natural debater, you always speak your mind.
That’s what makes us love you, what makes you one of a kind.

Today you are a teenager, there will be challenges ahead, all wrapped in bright adventures, which you will breeze through without dread.
Remember this my sweetheart, always love yourself, that’s the magic formula in a world that will sometimes make you doubt.

Always hold your head up, stay kind, be strong, be brave and laugh.
There are many a teenage girl who would give anything, to have half your beautiful heart.

Happy 13th Birthday Laura

Love you to the moon and back..

An Peann


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