Life is Like a Box of Chocolates

Mostly you get exactly what you picked.

The best looking choice in the box can leave a bitter taste in your mouth, so you spit it out, with discretion.

There are so many choices to choose from.
You have your eye on the ones you want.
You watch friends and family pick from the box and think ‘I want to taste what they have tasted’.

You deserve to taste all the delights a good choice can bring.

Remember we all taste things differently, a good choice for one can be catastrophic for another. Choose wisely.

The box of choice will never empty. The top layer may have choices removed over time, those empty spaces can taunt us if we let them or liberate us, we get to choose.

The box of choices is with us everyday. Sometimes we may decide to leave them alone, take no risks, make no choices.

Making few choices can lead us to co dependence. We can lick on the coat tails of other peoples choices, but we will never experience the sweet taste of our own success.

There are layers of choices in the box. You have a lifetime to make your way through them.
Remember your choices are your own, only you have the right to taste them, the power to break them and the reason to forsake them.

Life is like a box of Choices.
Mostly you get exactly what you pick.
Choose well.

An Peann

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